Motion products backed up by expert technical support

24 March 2010

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Motion products backed up by expert technical supportAbssac says it differs from other suppliers of motion products in its expertise and the level of technical support it offers its customers. The company's extensive range of standard products, complemented by the company's capability in designing and manufacturing custom components, means that customers can always be assured of receiving high-quality, affordable motion products that will save them time and money.

Included in the range of standard products available are lead screws and ball screws in precision and industrial grades, all of which can be supplied with end journals machined to customers' requirements. In addition, Abssac supplies virtually every different type of shaft coupling.

Specialist products range from machined springs and flexures, to satellite roller screws and electroforms. Here, Abssac works with customers to develop bespoke yet cost-effective solutions to engineering problems.

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