Stemmer Imaging and Z-Laser co-operation in Europe

27 April 2010

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Z-Laser, a leading German manufacturer of laser illumination products, and Stemmer Imaging, which describes itself as Europe's largest imaging technology supplier, have expanded their distribution agreement to include Stemmer Imaging's entire European network. Z-Laser's wide range of high-performance, industry-proven laser modules and systems have applications in machine vision, industrial inspection, metrology, medical engineering, biophotonics, fluorescence and spectroscopy.

Z-Laser has an extensive portfolio of lasers and laser modules, offering a choice of wavelengths (405-1064nm), output power (up to 5000mW) and external modulation (up to 20MHz). IP67-rated housings and industrial mountings and connectors make them suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. A choice of line generation technology (gaussian, microarray or powell) and laser projection patterns (multi lines, dot matrices, crosses, circles, etc), together with microfocus capabilities add to the versatility.

Stemmer Imaging's Sales & Marketing Director, Mark Williamson, says: "Z-Laser has been a partner of Stemmer Imaging in Germany for several years, so we are well aware of the range and quality of their products. We are always keen to extend partner agreements with well-established and proven suppliers, so we are delighted to now be able to offer Z-Laser products from all of our European offices. Z-Laser also has a reputation for product innovation, as evidenced by the recent launch of the ZQ high-performance green laser with output powers up to 300mW."

Thomas Lang, Sales Director at Z-Laser, adds: "The extension of this agreement with Stemmer Imaging means that we can now work with all the branches of Europe's largest supplier of vision technology and services to industrial and scientific OEMs, system integrators and resellers. This will give us greater penetration in the UK, France and Switzerland. Z-Laser's expertise in mechanics, electronics and optics allows us to have a flexible approach to our customers' requirements, which sets us apart from our competitors."

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