Robotics in the food and drink industries - free event

07 May 2010

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Robotics in the food and drink industries - free eventFood Processing Faraday, in association with ABB Robotics, will be demonstrating novel technologies from across different industry sectors in a one-off event for UK food and drink businesses, Evolution of Technology – shaping your future. The innovative day, to be held on Wednesday 16 June 2010 at ABB's headquarters in Milton Keynes, will be showing how to use science and technology to advantage by means of presentations, workshops and hands-on demonstrations. Alan Spreckley, of ABB Robotics, will provide an insight into the past, present and future of robotics.

New technology is transforming food production and packaging, and this event aims to showcase exciting new developments from the chemical and defence sectors that could benefit food and drink companies; speakers will be from both the Centre for Process Innovation and the Royal Military College of Science.

In addition, attendees will be treated to a retailer's perspective of robotics within the food industry, along with the chance to see some of the latest processing technologies aiding the industry - including a live demonstration of the Faraday's uniquely designed, 'world first' Hygienic Depositor. David Walklate, Innovation Consultant at the Faraday, will show how the new 'milking principle' allows for enhancing efficiency by reducing changeovers, cutting costs by minimising and simplifying the cleaning process, and improving hygiene.

Pete Moores from the Faraday says: "We are proud to be working with ABB to bring exciting new developments from our network to the attention of food and drink companies, and look forward to working with companies to gain maximum advantage from technologies in other sectors as well as our own."

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