VEAM CIR-M12 connectors integrate different data types

18 September 2012

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VEAM CIR-M12 connectors integrate different data typesDesigned to reduce costs and increase functionality in mass transit applications, the VEAM CIR-M12 connector from ITT Interconnect Solutions is a high-speed circular bayonet databus connector that enables different data types to be transmitted between cars in mass transit systems. The CIR-M12 was specifically developed to meet the demands of harsh and demanding environments and provide robust and reliable data transmission. Its ability to bundle data feeds means the VEAM CIR-M12 saves weight, critical to enhancing performance in today’s competitive rail industry, while component count is also reduced.

VEAM CIR-M12 technology allows designers to incorporate any databus such as Ethernet, MVB, WTB and video lines according to VG95234 (where applicable) within the same connector. It uses ITT’s QXM12 contacts mounted into FRCIR series circular bayonet connector hardware. Two, four or eight conductor wires and the associated braid from shielded cables are integrated into the QXM12 contact, and a special plastic insert channels multiple QXM12 contacts and their associated cables into the single CIR-M12 interconnect. In this way, data feeds from different sources on a train, such as engine diagnostics, brake controls, air conditioning, passenger display systems, networking and lighting control can be grouped into a single connector. An enhanced version which allows visual inspection and enables harnessing mixing problems to be solved quickly will be available soon.

ITT’s FRCIR M-12 connector is size 18 (single databus) or size 32 (up to four databus), with M12-type contacts and plastic UL94-V0 inserts which conform to UNI-CEI 11170 (I2F2) specifications. New contacts can work up to 1MHz, cat.5 for 4-wire cables or up to cat.7 with 8-wire cables; cables are qualified at frequencies of 1MHz, 10MHz and 100MHz, with Ethernet lines to 100Ω and MVB lines to 120Ω. Shells are aluminium alloy with black epoxy urethane varnish and are fully RoHS compliant.

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