Bosch Rexroth and Sick collaborate on functional safety

20 July 2010

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Bosch Rexroth and Sick collaborate on functional safetyBosch Rexroth AG and Sick AG have broadened their already successful technical collaboration to include functional safety, enabling users to rapidly integrate Sick safety sensors with Rexroth automation systems.

The partnership between Rexroth and Sick assures rapid integration of both standard and safety-oriented applications, ultimately enabling full optimisation of a system. Based on open standards and co-ordinated interfaces, the combination of Sick's extensive range of sensors and Rexroth's control systems provides for timely and cost-effective functional safety systems.

Utilising FDT (Field Device Tool) and DTM (Device Type Manager) technology, Rexroth IndraWorks creates a software framework to build speed and consistency into the engineering process for system components - from HMIs (human-machine interfaces) right through to the sensor.

DTMs are incorporated into the IndraWorks Project Manager from a device library to enable users to easily access vital sensor data. In addition, current measurement and device status are available in a highly visual, user-friendly interface, while the device data is stored securely in the user project for archive as required.

Easy configuration

IndraWorks efficiently configures safe laser scanners or the sensors with I/O-Link capability using the open FDT/DTM standard. This full integration enables the scanner's fields to be switched over and the parameters of the I/O-Link sensors to be to be defined using the relevant values - even while the machine is operating.

As a result of their collective expertise, Rexroth and Sick say they can ensure fast integration in control topologies to deliver major cost reductions while maintaining a tight rein on safety.

To mark the launch of their latest safety concepts, Rexroth and Sick are offering machine builders a series of bespoke training packages based on the Machinery Directive and the new safety standards ISO 13849-1 and IEC 62061.

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