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28 July 2010

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Compressed Air Manual - free guide from Atlas CopcoAtlas Copco has published a new edition of its comprehensive Compressed Air Manual. The manual contains 136 pages of essential reading for businesses that need the latest information about compressed air technology. As both a textbook for newcomers and a reference book for more experienced users, the 7th edition of the manual addresses the theoretical and practical issues faced by anyone working with compressed air on a day-to-day basis and provides facts about products and systems, data, advice and tips for optimum performance.

The manual, written by professional technicians, comprises six main chapters: Theory; Compressors and auxiliary equipment; Dimensioning and servicing compressor installations; Economy; Calculation example; and ten pages of Appendices.

As well as detailing fundamental working principles and the practical operation of systems and equipment, the manual deals with environmental aspects, air quality issues, energy savings, and compressed air economy.

Now completely re-edited, the text is also accompanied by a wealth of graphics.

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