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09 August 2010

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Stemmer Imaging website gains keyword navigationStemmer Imaging has introduced a new keyword navigation facility on its website to speed up the process of locating vision products of interest from the wide variety available.

The market for vision components and software is constantly changing, with new technologies appearing and established products being further developed or replaced by successors. To simplify product selection, each product on the Stemmer Imaging website has been assigned a number of keywords. Available keywords are displayed within each product section of the website and can be selected according to the visitor's needs.

Each search is based on the keywords selected, and the search can be refined by adding or removing keywords from the selected list. Visitors can therefore concentrate on the functionality of the product that they are looking for and the search will then deliver results from all of the manufacturers that meet the required criteria. Of course, searches can also be carried out for products from a particular supplier or product family, if required.

Keywords are assigned to each new product that is uploaded to the website, so visitors can be confident that all products will be included in the search process. If a suitable product is not found, technical experts at Stemmer Imaging can be contacted by telephone on +44 (0)1252 780000 for individual advice. This is especially important for customers who may not be exactly sure which type of product will best solve their problem.

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