Free webinar provides advice on Stuxnet and similar malware

15 October 2010

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The Stuxnet worm continues to infect Siemens SCADA systems, having been created to target infrastructure and any business operating PLCs. It is estimated that the worm has infected up to 100,000 industrial computers across sites in UK, Germany, North America, Korea and Iran. Stuxnet and other worms and malware, both known and unknown, are showing that there is a new target - and most SCADA systems are at great risk of infection. Norman Data Defense is hosting a free webinar on Thursday 28 October 2010 at 14:00 BST that will:

  • Outline the risks of Stuxnet and its predecessors to engineering and infrastructure companies
  • Demonstrate the likely path of development for Stuxnet and its successors
  • Give practical examples of how to put in place simple protocols to reduce vulnerability
  • Assess the source and reasoning for the targeting of industrial PLCs
  • Highlight the impact that a security breach can really have, and look beyond the immediate security impact at the potential cost in environmental, financial, social and reputational terms
  • Counsel regarding what can be done to minimise exposure to such attacks

David Robinson, an automation security expert from Norman Data Defense, comments: "This is just the beginning. The high-profile nature of these attacks may well spur on the creators of this malicious software to wreak havoc on PLCs running in infrastructure and engineering. It is important we take action to lock down PLC security before it is too late."

By joining the webinar, people can also hear how the increased adoption of standardised IT throughout manufacturing, infrastructure and process environments has made the factory floor an easier target for cyber terrorists and criminals, and how malware can be unwittingly introduced into a system. There will also be opportunity to ask questions.

Follow the link to register for the free Stuxnet webinar.

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