Free courses: steam engineering and condensate management

09 December 2010

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Free courses: steam engineering and condensate managementBurkert is offering a series of free one-day and three-day training courses on steam engineering and condensate management. The courses, which comprise An Introduction to Steam, Steam and Condensate systems, Pressure Reducing & Heat Transfer Systems and Clean Steam and Sterilisation, are scheduled for February 2011.

Commencing Monday 21 February, the modular courses will be run by experienced personnel from Burkert's Steam Segment Management Team. They can be attended as individual modules - one-day or three-day - and are open to existing and prospective B├╝rkert customers, end users, OEMs and integrators from the UK and Ireland. Attendance is on a 'first come, first served' basis and each course has capacity for 10 people. Lunches will be provided and attendees will receive a copy of Burkert's authoritative Steam Site Guide Book.

Greg Sutcliffe, Burkert's Global Steam Segment Manager, comments: "Our timing in running these educational training courses could not be better. We recognise that the global market for steam solutions is growing and with it comes an ever more demanding need for on-site application understanding. We also believe that the steam market is experiencing a shift in emphasis and is becoming dynamically demanding of its partners. We can no longer afford as an industry to be static. Only one example of this is the increasing hygiene standards expected in industries such as food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical. With our modular and 'sliding-scale' technical courses, we hope to pass to our attendees our experience in all aspects of steam and condensate management systems, equipping them with the key knowledge to specify, understand and integrate steam applications into their worlds."

The basic Level 1 course is an introduction to steam. A comprehensive one-day module that covers topics such as the fundamentals of water, the language of steam, using steam tables, pressure/temperature relationship, energy content of steam, vacuum, specific volume and specific density, elements of a boiler house, and how to recognise the key elements of basic steam and condensate loops. The aim is to give a foundation of understanding and an overall appreciation of steam systems.

The Level 2 and 3 three-day, in-depth and detailed course gives attendees a great understanding of steam and condensate systems. Taking place on 22, 23 and 24 February, this course covers topics such as estimating a steam load, dealing with air and non-condensable gases, steam and condensate pipework sizing, pipework layout best practices, pressure reducing stations, safety valves, steam traps selection and best practices, pitfalls in condensate management, TDS heat recovery and process control valve systems. The course combines classroom-based theoretical discussions, coupled with hands-on experiences. The Level 3, final day brings together attendees' new knowledge in Burkert's steam design workshops, where complete steam systems are designed from scratch!

The final course, Level 2 Clean Steam and Sterilisation, considers the hierarchy of steam purity, the uses of clean steam, the fundamentals of clean steam design and clean steam generators. In this module SIP and CIP systems are also discussed, answering questions such as: Cleaning vs Sterilisation - what are SIP & CIP, the different types of CIP and why these practices are so widely used.

Burkert is inviting potential applicants for the training courses to contact Helen Christopher, Burkert UK Marketing Manager, on +44 (0)1453 731353 or .

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