See nitrogen generators and oil-free compressors at Pro2Pac

17 February 2011

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Atlas Copco will be showcasing its NG series nitrogen generators on Stand B21 at the Pro2Pac 2011 exhibition (ExCel, London, 13-16 March). The NG Series of modular units is designed to provide a continuous, reliable and independent source of on-site nitrogen generation at the lowest possible cost for food and drink processing and packaging applications.

Visitors to the stand will learn that the installation of NG nitrogen generators eliminates the costs associated with conventional supply routes and provides continuous, secure availability of a nitrogen supply of the desired purity, from 3 per cent to 0.001 per cent oxygen content. Furthermore, on-site generation eliminates the potential risk of production stoppages due to gas supplies running out, and provides an independent source of nitrogen with the added benefits of low operating costs and minimal maintenance.

Based on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology employing a carbon molecular sieve to separate oxygen from the air supply, Atlas Copco's latest NG series provide a continuous flow of nitrogen from 1.3 up to 130Nm3/h. NG generators require nothing but a supply of dry compressed air to begin generating a constant flow of nitrogen - and there is no need for specialist installation or commissioning.

In addition, Atlas Copco will be exhibiting its Z-series oil-free compressors. Relevant to on-site nitrogen generation, many major food and drink processing operations rely on a supply of clean, dry compressed air from Atlas Copco's Z-series compressors. These machines are certificated under ISO 8573-1 Class 0 standard to ensure zero risk of oil contamination within the compressed air supply to sensitive process procedures and where air comes in contact with food.

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