Five-point checklist for specifying Energy Chains

24 March 2011

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Five-point checklist for specifying Energy ChainsIgus has produced a short movie that highlights five important factors to consider when specifying Energy Chains for guiding and protecting electrical cables and hoses on moving machinery such as machine tools, factory automation, offshore rigs, woodworking machinery, materials handling equipment and cranes.

  • Low noise: applications in noise-sensitive environments or that need to comply with certain low-noise regulations need a quiet igus Energy Chain system.
  • Lifetime: the expected lifetime of the cable carrying system is an important aspect; an igus Energy Chain that will last a long time and not cause any problems or breakdowns during its operational life can prove cost-effective.
  • Ease of installation: being quick and easy to assemble and install means that igus Energy Chains help save time and money.
  • Chip resistance: when cable carrying systems are used in harsh environments such as machine tools, where swarf can be an issue, a chip-resistant igus Energy Chain helps to prevent damage to the chain and the cables it carries.
  • Lead time: often overlooked when specifying a cable carrying system, delivery leadtime is especially important when replacing or installing igus Energy Chains and there is a need to minimise machinery downtime.

Follow the link to watch a short movie about igus Energy Chains.

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