New catalogue of asynchronous low-voltage motors

05 May 2011

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New catalogue of asynchronous low-voltage motorsNord Drivesystems has published its new M7000 electric motor catalogue. At the printed version can be ordered or the electronic version downloaded. The catalogue provides an overview of asynchronous low-voltage motors manufactured by Nord. It addresses in detail the implications of the switch to IE2 (efficiency requirements for electric motors are being introduced worldwide; the first round of regulations for the EU market comes into effect on 16 June 2011 and, for many applications, only motors that provide at least IE2 efficiency can be offered from this date).

The catalogue lists the efficiency requirements in different markets and, organised by target regions, provides easy access to the choice of the right motor. It contains the technical data for Nord's IE1 and IE2 motors, along with a table comparing motor characteristics and type plate illustrations for complete clarity. IE2 motors from Nord Drivesystems provide at least the efficiency required by ErP 2009/125/EG V0640-2009. In implementing the new eco-design requirements, Nord has retained the motor sizes to a great extent, thereby facilitating easy replacement. Moreover, since the motors have a superior energy balance than IE1/standard motors, smaller units can be used in some applications. As in the past, the motors are suitable for 50Hz and 60Hz operation. Nord has also maintained the suitability for a wide voltage range, ensuring unproblematic operation worldwide.

Go to to order the printed version of the M7000 catalogue of asynchronous low-voltage motors or to download the electronic version.

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