Decision tree aids selection of energy-efficient motors

24 May 2011

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Decision tree aids selection of energy-efficient motorsMany machine builders and system integrators are busy adapting to the new efficiency requirements for electric motors, while some are only just starting to familiarise themselves with the standards. And it is about time to do so: from 16 June 2011, only motors fulfilling IE2 efficiency requirements can be used for certain types of applications within the EU market.

In addition to face-to-face consultations for customers worldwide, Nord Drivesystems provides helpful and instructive resources via its website. Customers who are unsure whether their chosen motor complies with the energy efficiency requirements and, if not, which alternative is best suited, can use Nord's decision tree, which is available for download from the website.

Also available online, an interactive energy saving calculator determines the operating cost savings offered by IE2 motors during continuous operation, based on the user's plant and machine data.

In addition, a printed version of the new M7000 motor catalogue can be ordered from the Nord website, or a PDF version can be downloaded directly. The concise brochure lists the efficiency requirements in different markets worldwide and, organised by target regions, helps users choose the right motor.

Follow the links to access the decision tree and interactive energy saving calculator.

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