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26 May 2011

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Igus is presenting a selection of innovative new polymer bearing products and product range extensions in its video Bearings news 2011.

The new components are a natural evolution from the thousands of existing products already in the igus repertoire; in effect, igus is now offering the chance to 'mix and match' to specify the optimum product almost any application.

New igus products include: the iglidur RN248 material, which has specific ingredients within the polymer mix that enables parts to be detected by industrial standard metal detectors (see right). Also in the igubal range there is a new igubal ball and socket joint that can be easily assembled and dismantled by a simple click fitting.

iglidur N54 is the biopolymer among the iglidur range of materials. Based on 54 per cent natural, renewable resources, the new material is green in colour to reflect its credentials. Even though this bearing is made from natural material, its performance is not compromised.

Where industries using more dynamic applications are concerned, such as construction machinery and agricultural engineering, then iglidur Q2 can be suitable for heavy-duty pivoting applications; this bearing is wear-resistant and can cope under extreme conditions.

Automation, special engineering and foundry technology will benefit from the iglidur PRT slewing rings (see right). Robust and ready to fit, iglidur PRT can now be used in high temperatures of up to 180degC. It is also corrosion-resistant and can tolerate extreme humidity and environmental conditions.

The xiros plastic ball bearing range has extended with two new materials; xirodur D180 and F180. The xirodur D180 material has a service life of up to four times longer than the standard bearings within the xiros range. The xirodur F180 grade has the added benefit of offering protection against electrostatic discharge, as it is electrically conductive. Both ball bearings are suitable for high rotational speeds and can withstand temperatures of up to 80degC.

WARNING: other new additions to igus range are the Unrecognised tag Other new additions to igus range are the {b-DryLin TR trapezoidal anti-backlash nuts}, which come in a variety of sizes. For linear slide bearings, the DryLin W Mono-slide guide comes with compact flat carriages that are machined from aluminium profiles and are subsequently anodised. This product is extremely quiet at lower loads and offers many possibilities for customised machining of both the carriage and rail.

DryLin E (E is for electric) is another addition to the DryLin range. The linear drive unit comes with a complete electric NEMA stepper motor, which can be fitted to almost any DryLin linear drive unit according to customer specifications. Normally the engineer would have to design or source these separately, but this complete product enables customers to order at ease with "one part – one price".

All of the new products follow the igus principles of service, good price/service ratio, 24-hour delivery and personal engineering support when needed. To watch the Bearings News video, go to

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