Crimson Industrial Vision to distribute Flir thermal cameras

29 June 2011

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Crimson Industrial Vision to distribute Flir thermal camerasFlir Systems has appointed Crimson Industrial Vision to distribute its imaging systems. Crimson specialises in remote visual inspection technologies for condition monitoring and NDT (non-destructive testing). Thermal imaging is a major element in its product programme and for the company's founder, Paul Sacker, Flir was the only option when it came to deciding the brand that best suited his company's ethos.

Sacker states: "Thermal imaging is a growth market with enormous potential for Crimson with our broad and deep knowledge of IR applications. Flir is the only IR company that truly understands this market and, for Crimson, it is the natural choice."

Crimson's product portfolio comprises systems that view across the spectrum, from UV through to IR, including visual. The company's extensive knowledge of inspection applications enables it to recommend a system, whether off-the-shelf or bespoke, that will have a lasting impact on the reliability of assets.

To address the scope of its business, Crimson has chosen to become a value-added distributor for the entire range of Flir's handheld and fixed thermal imaging cameras. And this reflects the span of customer interest for this relationship-based business. Current IR projects extend from standard damp detection and air tightness in buildings, through to food process monitoring and other automation applications.

Sacker also that confirms the newly launched Flir Ebx Series has been particularly well received by customers servicing the built environment. "The ease of use of both the camera and software means that, for the first time, customers have an eminently affordable product that helps them to make informed decisions faster and to explain thermal issues to their customers with clarity.

"More and more IR applications are becoming affordable and practical. Segments such as health screening and automation are prime examples. And, as the price of detectors comes down, there will be even greater opportunity for sensor integration, allowing many more users to enter the market. With Flir in Crimson's armoury, the company is in a great position to meet this growing demand."

Contact Flir for more information about thermal imaging cameras, or follow the link to visit the Crimson Industrial Vision website.

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