Autodesk design training courses approved by the IED

19 August 2011

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The Institution of Engineering Designers (IED) is providing formal approval of a broad range of Autodesk training courses. This follows an in-depth evaluation of around 80 Autodesk design courses, which have now been awarded Approved status, confirming their adherence to the IED's professional standards in content and course delivery.

According to Autodesk, the next phase of the roll-out is for the IED, working alongside Autodesk EMEA education and training distributor KnowledgePoint, to certify Autodesk's network of Authorised Training Centres across the UK. Once certified, each ATC will receive a badge from the IED stating that they are approved trainers and that they are providing approved and authorised courses.

Linda Copestake, Manager of the City of Bristol ATC and also a Member of Council at IED, says, "At the Bristol facility, we are looking forward to working with KnowledgePoint to ensure we achieve this new level of certification. Having IED accreditation will give the training centre and the individuals who pass Autodesk certification exams here a still greater level of industry credibility."

Students who are successful in achieving certification from Autodesk at these ATCs will receive an additional certificate from the IED stating they have completed an IED approved training course.

Independent verification

Richard Lane, Senior Manager Training and Certification at Autdesk, states: "We were looking for a partner who could provide independent verification that our training courses meet a professional standard. IED is a highly respected industry body and we are delighted that it is providing approval of our courses and overall approach to training."

Libby Brodhurst, Chief Executive at the IED, adds: "Autodesk is one of the leading players in the design software industry. The work we have carried out in approving its training and certification program will help raise awareness of the benefits of the program to students, employees and employers across the UK.

"At the same time, it provides further reassurance to those groups that an independent third party has verified the quality of the courses and taken the time to ensure that they are aligned to the needs of industry today."

Contact Autodesk for more information about its IED-approved training courses.

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