EN 415-10, a new standard for packaging machines

05 October 2011

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Laidler Associates, a division of TUV SUD Product Service, reports that EN 415-10, Safety of packaging machines, Part 10: General requirements, will soon be published. This news will be of interest to many users, manufacturers and suppliers of packaging machines in Europe. As an important addition to EN 415, Part 10 is intended to simplify the process of CE Marking many types of packaging machine in line with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

When dealing with machinery safety and, in particular, with CE Marking in line with the Machinery Directive, the use of harmonised EN standards is recognised as best practice. However, unless a machine-specific C-type standard exists for the machine under consideration, reference has to be made to all of the relevant A-type and B-type standards, which can be a complicated, expensive and time-consuming process.

For packing machines, the EN 415 series of standards already includes C-type standards for some common types of machine, such as wrapping machines, strapping machines, and form, fill and seal machines, but there are many types of machine that are not specifically covered. These include, among others, coding machines, solder sealing machines and inspection machines.

EN 415-10

To help remedy this situation, EN 415-10, General Requirements, has been developed to complement the existing nine parts of EN 415. Currently progressing through the approvals process at the European level with CEN, EN 415-10 has the effect of a C-type standard that applies to "packaging machines for use in work places which are listed in EN 415-1 and which are not the subject of one of the specific C standards of EN 415."

When EN 415-10 comes into effect, therefore, packaging machine builders and suppliers will, in most cases, no longer have to work with a long list of individual standards in order for their products to meet the requirements for CE marking but will, instead, be able to refer simply to EN 415-10 (and BS EN 415-10 in the UK).

However, those manufacturers and suppliers will still need to ensure that the provisions of EN 415-10, which are many and diverse, are interpreted correctly and that they fully understand the implications and limitations of this apparent simplification of the CE marking process for packaging machines.

Expert advice is strongly recommended, not least during the initial introduction of EN 415-10. Laidler Associates, one of the UK's leading safety and compliance consultancies, has investigated the issues involved in depth and is, therefore, well placed to provide the support and advice needed for packaging machine manufacturers and suppliers to make a smooth and problem-free transition to the new arrangements. Follow the link for more information about CE marking consultancy services from Laidler Associates.

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