CPX modular automation platform explained and demonstrated

21 October 2011

Festovisit website


CPX modular automation platform explained and demonstratedFesto GB has created a web page with a short movie in which Product Manager Jacqui Hanbury introduces the CPX modular automation platform, demonstrates its capabilities and explains the benefits for machine builders and end users.

As the movie explains, the CPX platform provides for the functional integration of pneumatics, servopneumatics, single- or multi-axis motion control of pneumatic and electrical components, measurement and control (based around an industry-standard CoDeSys controller), communications and safety. Furthermore, the CPX platform is very convenient for use where decentralised control is also required, as additional CPX controllers can be configured to operate as slaves to the master CPX controller. Visualisation systems can easily be added, as can communication links to other systems, so the CPX platform can form the basis for a machine's complete automation system.

The benefits offered by the CPX platform include reduced engineering time, faster system build, quicker machine commissioning and improved diagnostics.

Each system is configured to match the machine's requirement, then Festo assembles and tests it so that it is ready to install on the machine as soon as it is delivered. Thanks to its high degree of ingress protection, in most applications the CPX system can be mounted directly on the machine without the additional space and expense associated with cabinets.

Follow the links to watch the short movie about the CPX modular automation platform or to visit the CPX microsite, where there are product animations, videos and application examples.

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