MBP Concepts wins igus UK manus Most Eye-Catching Design Award

21 October 2011

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MBP Concepts wins igus UK manus Most Eye-Catching Design AwardMBP Concepts' Tyligo Premium folding trailer has received the igus UK manus Most Eye-Catching Design award.

The Tyligo Premium is a multipurpose folding trailer for safely and securely towing equipment such as motorcycles, quad bikes, kayaks and jet skis behind a car or other vehicle. In addition to its versatility, strength and reliability, the Tyligo Premium has the innovative benefit of folding to just 700mm wide when not in use, which saves storage space and enables it to pass through a standard-width house door.

Matthieu Philippault, the inventor of the Tyligo Premium, spent three years developing and refining the design of the trailer, which was the subject of his final-year project at London South Bank University. During that time, he encountered many engineering challenges, not least of which was finding the right bearing for the critical function of folding and opening the trailer by sliding the front bracket on the main stainless steel strut.

Key requirements were that the bearing should combine high load capacity with long life, small size and minimal maintenance requirements. It was also necessary that it should be capable of operating reliably over a wide temperature range, in wet and dry conditions, and that it should be impervious to the effects of salt, grit and other contaminants that would be thrown up from the road surface when the trailer was in use.

Bearing selection

It was decided that the igus iglidur G sleeve bearing, with a 2-inch (52mm) bore and length of 50mm, would best meet these requirements, as it has characteristics that are claimed to be far superior to those of conventional metal bearings. The ability to carry a much greater load for the same physical size of bearing is thanks to the material's high compressive strength and superior elasticity. In addition, iglidur bearings are cost-effective and require no lubrication or other maintenance. It was also an advantage that a smaller version of the same bearing was available for use in the scale model that was built before the full-size prototype was manufactured.

Unlike conventional trailers, the Tyligo Premium features numerous pivot points. While the first igus bearing is for a sliding application, Matthieu Philippault is now investigating the use of igus products for the pivot bearings.

Matthew Aldridge of igus UK comments: "The Tyligo folding trailer is a worthy winner of the prestigious igus UK manus Most Eye-Catching Design award, as it uses our bearing to perform a key function in a product that is distinguished by its innovation, performance and versatility. We are always pleased to see an iglidur bearing being used in an unusual application, and for solving engineering problems that would be difficult to address in any other way. We congratulate Matthieu Philippault on his superb design, and wish him every success in the future."

The prototype Tyligo Premium trailer was shown at the 2011 MCN Motorcycle Show, which has since led to a contract being signed with a manufacturer. It is now anticipated that the Tyligo Premium will be officially launched at the MCN Motorcycle Show in 2012.

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