Free White Paper: A Guide to Improving Machine Tool Productivity

08 November 2011

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Parker Hannifin has published a new White Paper that explains how engineers can improve the performance of machine tools. In particular, the White Paper focuses on how using servo motors can be used as an effective alternative to asynchronous induction motors for reducing machine costs and improving machining quality on spindle motor-driven systems.

Parker's free White Paper, A Guide to Improving Machine Tool Productivity, explains the challenges facing engineers and underlines the emerging role that servo motors have as replacements for traditional induction motors, especially for spindles in lathes and milling machines.

The White Paper highlights the benefits provided by servo motors in terms of improved thermal stability, more efficient running, increased speed range, reduced maintenance and compact size. The document also publishes test comparison data for a Parker HKW frameless synchronous motor and a similar asynchronous induction motor. The results underline the low rotor temperature and shaft expansion performance characteristics of synchronous motors and demonstrate how engineers can overcome many of the problems associated with induction motors; for example, high running costs, reduced rotor and bearing component life, plus axial expansion that creates offsets, resulting in poor machining quality.

With the Parker HKW frameless synchronous motor supplied as a replacement kit for existing motors, the upgrading process becomes more straightforward when utilising an existing machine infrastructure. In addition, with new technological advances in control technology necessary to run synchronous motors now resulting in low-price drives - replacing the costly high-end drive units - machine motor upgrading is now significantly more cost-effective.

The machine tool industry, like many other manufacturing industries, is feeling the squeeze since the downturn in the global economies and is having to adapt to the greater need to reduce costs, improve output and machine quality. The White Paper underlines Parker's commitment to tackling these issues through its collaboration with machine tool manufacturers, by devising and developing innovative custom built solutions to achieve these objectives and therefore, gain a competitive advantage.

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