Animations show how ETP hydraulic locking bushes work

20 January 2012

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Animations show how ETP hydraulic locking bushes workA series of short animations are being hosted on the Techdrives YouTube channel, the first of which demonstrate the operating principle used in ETP hydraulic locking bushes.

The internal hydraulic principle results in fast fixing, easy adjustment and quick removal without damaging the shaft, hub or bushing. Connections are backlash-free, with high rigidity and concentricity.

Different models of ETP hydraulic locking bushing are available to suit diverse application requirements; for example, some bushings are operated by means of a single screw that develops the hydraulic pressure, while others use an external pressure source that is connected only when attaching or removing the bushing. Furthermore, the bushings are available in a variety of materials and to suit a wide range of shaft diameters.

Follow the links to view the movies on YouTube or to go to the Techdrives website for more information about ETP hydraulic locking bushings.

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