See high-performance positioning stages at Drives & Controls

16 February 2012

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See high-performance positioning stages at Drives & ControlsFollowing its recent appointment to deliver high-performance motion controls for the Anorad Division of Rockwell Automation UK, LG Motion will be at the Drives & Controls exhibition to showcase an Anorad Hercules series high-performance X-Y gantry positioning stage complete with an advanced distributed motion control system from its exclusive UK distribution partner, the Canadian motion and machine control specialist PMDi.

The 450mm x 450mm high-speed gantry system demonstrates LG Motion's capability for design and integration of custom engineered motion sub-systems and is a typical example of the micropositioning set-up specified for demanding applications in high-throughput production and test, or in advanced research and development.

LG Motion's demo includes Anorad LC series linear motors that can provide acceleration up to 5m/s2 with per-axis repeatability better than 2 microns. PMDi's Polaris motion and machine control range covers multi-axis motion controls, high-performance digital servo amplifiers and a selection of digital and analogue I/O modules; according to LG Motion, Polaris is 'perfectly suited to high-speed, high-precision positioning automation with the fastest real-time network available on the market today - providing nanosecond synchronisation of up to 124 motion axes with I/O interaction and data acquisition.' Servo amplifier technologies are available for linear and rotary brushless servos, brushed servo motors, and galvo and voice-coil actuators.

Positioning stages

A full selection of LG Motion's own range of precision positioning stages will also be on display. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the LG series includes high-precision linear, rotary and vertical lift stages. Also available to view will be UniSlide, BiSlide and XSlide linear positioning stages for general-purpose manual or motorised positioning.

Additionally, LG Motion will highlight motion control components and technologies from some of its other distribution partners, including SMAC Europe, for moving coil linear slide actuators and controls. These positioners are fully programmable for force, position and speed, and may be used where exceptionally high speeds are required or where very low speed is required, in combination with sub-micron accuracy and repeatability. The technology suits demanding positioning, measuring and inspection applications, particularly where 100 per cent verification is required. Linear bearings from Schneeberger and high-precision linear and rotary position encoders from Heidenhain will also be on display.

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