Express delivery for Namur interface valves from Burkert

21 March 2012

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Express delivery for Namur interface valves from Burkert Burkert is meeting the needs of process, chemical and petrochemical industries with express deliveries on its Type 6519 Namur interface valve. Corrosion resistant, and ‘one valve for all applications’ (3/2 and 5/2), the Type 6519 valve is a reliable poppet design that offers a direct interface for mounting onto process actuators.

Providing the benefits of IP65 ingress protection, and suitable for use on air (lubricated or dry) and neutral gases, the 6519 valves are available in standard NAMUR flange configuration and suitable for safe areas or hazardous areas using EExm (encapsulation) and EExi (intrinsically safe) versions. These mount directly – without any requirement for piping or mounting adapters – onto single or double-acting process actuators that operate butterfly, and ball valves.

For use with single or double-acting pneumatic actuators, the Type 6519 offers the flexibility for operation either as a 3/2 or a 5/2-way version, by rotating the mounting plate. The use of high-quality materials makes it possible to use the valves in the open air and under chemical atmospheres.

A major feature of the 6519 NAMUR valve design is that the valve seats operate with very low friction, ensuring reliable switching of the valve even after long shutdown periods and at ambient temperatures below 0degC. In addition, the valves reduce user costs by operating without continuous air consumption.

The combination of the 6519 NAMUR valve with Burkert’s modular 2051 range of single and double-acting rotary actuators provides a low-cost and aesthetic package for operating pilot valves. The 2051 actuators are robust, reliable piston-driven units that deliver heavy-duty, quarter-turn (900) valve operation in normal ambient and slightly aggressive environmental conditions.

New Select Catalogue

Burkert’s new Select Catalogue is a short form publication covering premier, fast-moving products in Burkert’s extensive range of fluid control products. The free publication provides a quick and easy aid for selecting valves and sensors for use in the food processing, pharmaceutical, water, petrochemical, medical, bio-medical, beverage and general process control industries.

All of the fluid control products listed in the Select Range Catalogue are available from Burkert UK’s 14 strong network of distributors, covering England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland and S. Ireland. For further details about the Type 6519 Namur interface valve and Select Catalogue, log onto and select ‘distributors’ from the menu. Free copies of the Select Catalogue are available direct from Burkert by contacting Helen Christopher, email .

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