Docufy risk assessment tool links to Sistema to aid CE marking

09 April 2012

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Docufy risk assessment tool links to Sistema to aid CE markingWieland Electric Ltd has signed an agreement with DOCUFY GmbH for the exclusive rights to promote the Docufy Machine Safety tool for risk assessments and CE marking machines in the UK. Docufy is already widely used in Germany, with some Blue Chip companies among its user base (including ABB Stotz-Kontakt, Bosch Rexroth AG and Daimler AG), and Wieland has helped one UK customer to implement Docufy and is currently talking to several other machine builders.

Docufy Machine Safety is primarily a risk assessment tool that helps users to comply with the risk assessment aspects of EN ISO 12100:2010, Safety of machinery. General principles for design. Risk assessment and risk reduction (the equivalent standard in the UK is BS EN ISO 12100:2010). The structured software guides users through the risk assessment process, with checklists to ensure that, as far as possible, no hazards are missed and no steps are left out of the risk assessment and risk reduction process.

However, Docufy goes further than the risk assessment: the system saves data about Directives and standards, and there is even an update service so that users can, if necessary, update their documentation or review their designs if standards change; data sheets and information about hazardous materials is stored; photographs and drawings can be saved; and Sistema data is output to enable users to determine, using the Sistema EN ISO 13849-1 tool, the Performance Level (PL) achieved by the proposed design.

Integration with Sistema

Paul Considine of Wieland Electric sees this last point as a major benefit, commenting: "One of the criticisms sometimes made of Sistema is that it produces ambiguous results that are open to interpretation. But Docufy removes the ambiguity, making it easier to work with Sistema. This close integration between a risk assessment tool and Sistema is, I believe, unique, and it creates a great opportunity for machine builders."

Other features of Docufy include centralised management of risk assessments in the event of changes to standards, ease of use by large teams, the ability to reuse parts of a risk assessment when machines and hazards are similar, versatile reporting to enable the output to be tailored to suit the needs of different readerships, and automatic generation of the Declaration of Incorporation or Declaration of Conformity. Docufy can also assist greatly when creating machine instruction manuals.

Three versions of Docufy are available: Trial, Freeware and Full. The Trial version can be used without obligation for 60 days, with nothing to download because the software is hosted on the Docufy Machine Safety server. Docufy Machine Safety entry is the Freeware version and, as with the trial version, the software is hosted on the Docufy server. Compared with the Trial and Full versions there are some restrictions on functionality, and the software can only be accessed by one user.

To support UK users, Wieland Electric can provide training and advice during the initial implementation. An excellent telephone and email support service is said to be available from Docufy's English-speaking technicians in Germany.

Follow the link for more information about Docufy Machine Safety or contact Wieland Electric to request a demonstration.

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