New selection guide for corrosion-resistant chain and sprockets

12 April 2012

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Tsubaki Europe is introducing a new selection guide to accompany its extended range of corrosion-resistant chain and sprockets for drives and small conveyors. Tsubaki now offers four versions of its chain for use in corrosive environments. The selection guide helps customers to specify the chain type that is best suited to their application.

The chains and sprockets are divided into one of four corrosion-resistant categories: chemical & heat resistant, lube free, weather resistant and special environments. Within these categories are sub-groups from stainless steel, hybrid (in particular ‘PC’ plastic combination chain) through to coated (surface treatment) and special material chains (specialised to unique environments).

Between the different styles a number of possible applications are catered for, including Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Furnaces, Papermaking, Printing, Steel Processing, Outdoor Conveyors, Chemical Cleaning and Deep Freeze environments. The purpose of the selection guide is to provide an easy-to-use specification tool to help users identify the correct chain type for their application.

Laid out in a simple-to-follow format, the guide compares environmental characteristics and allocates a rating of 1–5 for five key areas of consideration: Allowable Load / Chemical Resistance / Weight / Corrosion Resistance / Delivery Times. A key is also supplied with symbols that are used throughout the guide to denote key features such as lube free, light weight and cost consideration.

Robert Young, Marketing Manager, comments: “Tsubaki manufactures high-quality chain products, and we strive to deliver high levels of service to ensure our industry customers maintain consistent rates of productivity and reduce the effects of unscheduled down time.

This guide helps users to identify the chain that is correct for them, not only in terms of quality but also in relation to costs. Our sales team is always on hand to provide specialised advice for most applications, but this guide provides a starting point to help explain the wide range of products available.”

To request a copy of the selection guide, or speak to one of Tsubaki’s expert sales team about the range of corrosion-resistant chain and sprockets available, call 01623 688700 or visit the website at

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