New textbook resource for synchronous belt technology

21 March 2012

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Handbook Timing Belts - Principles, Calculations, Applications is a new publication covering synchronous belt technology, originally written and published in German by Raimund Perneder in 2009, which has recently been translated into English with additional content contribution from its co-author Ian Osborne, Chairman of Transmission Developments Ltd.

Based on over 60 years of combined professional experience and with 269 pages and 237 illustrations, the hardcover book is a complete resource on all matters related to synchronous belt technology. Detailed chapters cover brand-neutral synchronous belt profile geometries and specifications, manufacturing process and materials, with application and sizing-related chapters for drive systems, linear motion and product transport systems. An extensive bibliography will guide readers to various manufacturers through their websites, while further chapters deal with timing belt failure and drive design. A comprehensive subject index and glossary information sections are also included.

The book addresses both the needs of application engineers and system integrators working in design, development and machine-building, as well as providing comprehensive textbook material for students at universities and vocational schools.

Handbook Timing Belts - Principles, Calculations, Applications is published by Springer-Verlag Berlin and is available for purchase at £90.00. The Springer website provides PDF reading of specific sections for evaluation purposes and links to the main site for purchasing. A link to the download site is also provided from the Transmission Developments Ltd website. The book is also available for purchase from Amazon in both hardback and Kindle versions.

TransDev (Transmission Development Co (GB) Ltd)visit website
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