Ball screws, trapezoidal screws and satellite roller screws

19 April 2012

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Ball screws, trapezoidal screws and satellite roller screwsAbssac has been supplying linear products for over 30 years and the company believes its success is due to many factors, including the extensive range available and the product knowledge that is employed behind the scenes to ensure that every customer gets the very best out of their chosen product.

At first Abssac supplied trapezoidal threads and bronze nuts to suit the power end of linear applications. As time progressed, the company started providing ball screws, in both rolled and ground formats, and then moved on to supply satellite roller screws with a combination of very high thrust capacity and accuracy. Abssac can also supply its linear products complete with machined end journals, thereby reducing scrap rates at the customer end and simplifying logistics and assembly processes for the customer by supplying parts that are ready to fit directly into the application.

Abssac claims to supply the world's smallest precision ball screw - with a shaft diameter of only 1.8mm - yet the company can also supply virtually any product up to trapezoidal screws of 200mm diameter. Aside from ball screws, trapezoidal screws and satellite roller screws, Abssac also supplies linear guideways, splined shafts and accessories such as journal bearings. Many parts are available ex-stock and, as a supplier, Abssac is always mindful of the tight budgets customers have. Abssac likes to work with its customers to enhance product design, efficiency and reliability. Abssac has supplied linear products around the world, from one-off requirements to complex designs requiring additional expertise knowledge. At its new site in Evesham, Abssac is keen to be a partner in any future linear requirement.

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