'Quick Tips' video series focuses on compressed air and blowguns

02 May 2012

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Brammer is releasing a new video about compressed air and blowguns in its ‘Quick Tips’ series, that explains how a small change can make a big impact on your production, efficiency and energy costs. Compressed air and blow guns are a common feature in manufacturing procedures across Europe. Air is free, but the energy consumed by compressors accounts for 20 per cent of all manufacturing costs.

A more efficient blow gun is an example of how innovative design can save money in standard industrial applications. That’s the message from Brammer, the pan-European distributor of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services.

Jeremy Salisbury, Head of Marketing at Brammer UK,explains: “Blow guns are by their nature wasteful; each time they’re used is like introducing a major leak in the system. So there’s huge potential for savings. By re-engineering the internal design of the blowgun and adapting the nozzles, big improvements in performance and efficiency can be made, saving you at least 20 per cent on your energy bill.”

Compressed air and blowgun energy saving is the latest topic demonstrated by Brammer’s ‘Quick Tips’ Video series: visual aids presented by product group specialists and industry experts, to explain key issues and suggest practical advice for customers. The latest Quick Tips video on compressed air and blowguns is now available online at Further information on the range of products and services available from Brammer can be found at the website

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