Motion and Automation for Test, Measurement and Inspection

08 May 2012

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Motion and Automation for Test, Measurement and InspectionAerotech has published a free guide entitled Motion and Automation for Test, Measurement and Inspection, aimed at engineers designing systems for sensor testing, surface profiling, nondestructive testing, semiconductor inspection and metrology, and similar applications in cleanroom and high-vacuum environments.

This 72-page, full-colour publication contains a wealth of information, with the different types of application discussed in terms of 'challenge' and 'solution'. Some of the applications described include X-ray inspection, ultrasonic testing, thin film measurement, atomic force microscopy, and electrical and magnetic characterisation.

Aerotech has considerable experience in designing its own high-precision positioning systems for projects in these fields, as well as working with customers to engineer specialist sub-systems. Moreover, the company has expertise in the integration of automation and data acquisition; for example, Aerotech's engineers often work with PLCs, motion controllers, fieldbus networks, operator interfaces, software development tools, and high-speed data acquisition. Aerotech is therefore well placed to provide useful and practical advice and guidance to engineers involved in automated test, measurement and inspection systems.

As well as containing a substantial amount of application-orientated information, the guide to Motion and Automation for Test, Measurement and Inspection also introduces Aerotech's broad range of hardware and software products for these types of application. More detailed technical information about the products can be downloaded directly.

Follow the link to request a copy of the free guide to 'Motion and Automation for Test, Measurement and Inspection' or use the 'Request information' button at the top of this page.

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