New Diesel Engine Safety Solutions brochure available

08 May 2012

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AMOT’s new Diesel Engine Safety Solutions overview brochure showcases a range of products from Chalwyn, Roda Deaco and AMOT including air intake shutoff valves giving emergency overspeed shutdown to help free you from worries of any flammable vapour or gas igniting your site. Automatic self-contained valves and shutdown systems cut the risk of otherwise unstoppable engine runaway that can lead to dangerous mechanical failure or flashback explosion, often with catastrophic and fatal consequences.

A release of flammable gas or hydrocarbon vapour can occur at any time and be drawn into an engine’s air intake, and turning off the ignition will not stop it. AMOT safety products are designed and proven to reduce this risk.

To find out more, visit the AMOT website at, or download a copy of the brochure here.

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