Atlas Copco welcomes changes to WIMES specifications

12 June 2012

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Atlas Copco Compressors has welcomed the latest revisions to the Water Industry Mechanical and Electrical Specifications (WIMES), which have placed increased emphasis on measuring blower performance according to the ISO1217 standard for displacement compressors.

Rob Boughton, Low Pressure Sales Manager at Atlas Copco Compressors, explains: “Atlas Copco has always believed and stated that providing the flow figures of a blower at the outlet, as specified under ISO 1217, is the only accurate way to measure and compare performance between different blower technologies. The increased emphasis on ISO 1217 under the revised WIMES will hopefully lead to a significant change in the industry’s approach to blower performance measurement, which has traditionally been stated as an inlet flow measurement. ISO1217 will ensure customers are provided with a truer picture of blower efficiency and the volume of air that is supplied to their process.”

In addition to the increased emphasis on measuring blower performance according to ISO 1217, the guidelines have also now been revised to include rotary screw blower technology for the first time. Under this new WIMES 8.04 specification, water utility companies and contractors can now take advantage of the benefits of Atlas Copco ZS rotary screw blowers, such as reducing energy costs by an average 30 per cent compared with lobe technology. The decision follows a recent three-month review of blower technology by the Pump Centre, the organisation responsible for compiling the guidelines, of which Atlas Copco Compressors is now an official member.

Roger Marlow, Principal Consultant at the Pump Centre comments: “The decision to include rotary screw blower technology in the WIMES reflects the evolving needs of the water industry. Energy efficiency has become increasingly important to water companies keen to reduce total cost of ownership, which is why more and more companies are now turning to rotary screw blowers.”

The future of the environment and water purity is of great concern to the industry. The inclusion of ISO 8573-1, Class 0, the standard for the provision of 100 per cent oil-free air, as an official requirement under the WIMES now gives customers total peace of mind by removing any possibility of oil contamination from the blower discharge air. As the world’s first manufacturer to receive Class 0 certification for its products, all of Atlas Copco’s blowers have been tested and certified to provide 100 per cent pure, clean and oil-free air.

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