Dawson Shanahan offers free white paper on cold forming

29 June 2012

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Precision cold forming and engineering firm Dawson Shanahan has released a white paper on cold forming that could help manufacturers discover ways in which to achieve faster lead times and better surface finishes with a wide range of materials while also cutting costs and waste.

The paper explains why cold forming – the extrusion of a part from a blank – is a fast, economical way to produce robust, complex components as well as the simple, high-volume components with which it is historically associated. The process is capable of delivering precision engineered parts with up to 80 per cent less scrap than machine processes, offering an attractive process option for any component manufacturer in the current economic climate.

Also discussed in the white paper are such topics as stress deformation, mechanical integrity and dimensional tolerances, to give a deeper technical understanding of the benefits of cold forming; the paper then highlights some of Dawson Shanahan’s recent innovations, including a needle-free syringe and a container for the purpose of holding nitrogen gas over long periods without leakage, both of which were achieved by cold forming aluminium to high levels of specification.

The paper concludes by discussing how the research and development of cold forming has increasingly shifted from ‘experience-based’ development to computer-aided research, and the significant ecological benefits of the process compared with alternatives such as hot forging, where the high level of heat, and thus energy, required comes at a price to the environment.

The Right Climate For Cold Forming: A White Paper from Dawson Shanahan is available as a free download.

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