SKF power transmission range offers single supply alternative

06 July 2012

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SKF power transmission range offers single supply alternativeSKF is consolidating the sales and supply of power transmission products, enabling customers to streamline logistics through a single supplier by making an extensive range of power transmission products available across the UK and Ireland.

SKF is the first bearing manufacturer to consolidate the sales and supply of power transmission products in this way, bringing a vast stock of products under a single, trusted brand. Power transmission products will be supplied via the sophisticated warehousing and logistics systems already established by SKF. These systems can provide easy access to a growing number of power transmission items that currently exceeds 27,000, enabling distributors and end customers to operate efficiently with smaller stocks and less capital invested in inventory.

SKF power transmission products are designed to be easy to install and use, with minimal maintenance. In addition, and of increasing importance, they also offer the ability to reduce energy consumption and through-life cost, by minimising friction and service requirements while extending operating life through superior component design and the use of advanced materials.

For example, the SKF XtraPower wedge belts feature a multi-layer construction, with a tough polyester tension cord being embedded between layers of polychloroprene over a rubber base, and encapsulated in a long-life fabric coating. This construction enables the belt to accommodate heavy tension loads with minimal elongation (one-shoot tensioning, no need to re-tension after the initial run-in period), producing an operating life that is up to 40 per cent greater than traditional standard wrapped belts.

Similarly, the company’s range of keyless bushings provide a fast and reliable method of mounting bored components onto plain shafts, without the need for keyways, tapers or spines. Not only do the keyless bushings save time, they also offer a perfect interference fit with uniform pressure distribution to provide true zero backlash.

These same design principles apply to the full range of power transmission products. Javier Rincon, Product Manager for SKF, explains: “SKF has for some years supplied a variety of advanced power transmission products that offer customers savings in time and cost. With recent product introductions we now have one of the most comprehensive ranges of couplings, V and synchronous belts, roller and conveyor chains, pulleys, sprockets and bushes, available from a single supplier.”

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