Deltalogic becomes a certified Insys icom partner

28 August 2012

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Deltalogic becomes a certified Insys icom partner Deltalogic Automatisierungstechnik GmbH is announcing a cooperative venture with Insys Microelectronics GmbH as an “Insys icom Certified Partner”. Insys, experts in industrial data communications and M2M technology and based in Regensburg/Germany, recently set up this partner programme to offer its customers solution and sector-oriented systems in addition to its own products. As part of the cooperative venture, Deltalogic has ported its well-established communications library Accon-AGLink to the Insys icom devices and will be making Insys icom technology available to its customers as part of its communications systems.

The Insys icom product range includes highly specialised industrial routers with a Linux environment, in addition to modems, bridges and protocol converters. Customers can use the Insys Sandbox to access some of the embedded Linux systems in the device and program them as required. As the Sandbox is separate from the actual router system, the functionality and security of the router is not affected. Under certain circumstances an additional external industrial PC for tasks such as coordinating control systems, panels or routers is no longer required.

Deltalogic’s Accon-AGLink communications library is well established in the market. It enables a smooth exchange of data between the PLC environment and the industrial PC in many control-related systems for a wide range of industries. Irrespective of the operating system, the communication path and the programming language, Accon-AGLink facilitates fast and flexible communication for automation tasks such as controlling, monitoring, visualisation, evaluation and archiving of process data. Now that Accon-AGLink has been ported to the Insys Sandbox, users of Insys technology have the option of accessing control systems such as Siemens’ S7 remotely from the web client, FTP server or mobile telephone via Ethernet. If the control system itself does not have an integrated Ethernet connection, Deltalogic offers a powerful interface in the form of the programming and communications adapter Accon-Netlink PRO compact.

There are various models of the Insys icom industrial router available: for installation on the DIN rail (MoRoS - modem, router and switch in one device), as a desktop version (MLR) or as an embedded module (QLM). Typical applications for the Sandbox are recording and monitoring data from serial and network devices and where required issuing alarms, visualisation via web interfaces, converting proprietary protocols to IP standards, dynamic generation of SMS and email messages and the dynamic modification of the MoRoS configuration.

System integrators

Melanie Sternecker, Project Manager for the new partner programme at Insys icom, says: “In our icom business unit, we concentrate on the development and production of standardised products and individual solutions for networking, controlling and monitoring applications in a wide range of sectors with a focus on automation, transport technology and energy. As many markets and applications are becoming more complex and customers are not only looking for products, but also require suitable solutions with central contact persons, we see a demand for qualified collaboration with other companies. We are delighted to welcome Deltalogic as one of the first certified partners and system integrators in our programme. We see Deltalogic as a specialist for communication technology in the control system area, with many years’ experience in a host of sectors and who can help the customers we share to develop application-specific software for the Insys Sandbox.”

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Deltalogic Automatisierungstechnik GmbHvisit website
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