Free Steam Site Guide aims to make steam systems safer

19 September 2012

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Free Steam Site Guide aims to make steam systems saferBurkert’s new Steam Site Guide is a useful tool to help process engineers to size, optimise and ensure the safe designs of their steam systems. The free-of-charge Guide is an integral part of Burkert’s established training courses for Steam engineering and management and contains references to most of the material used on the comprehensive courses.

Extending to 24 pages, the Guide comprises nine sections: Estimating Steam Loads; Using a Steam Table; Sizing a Steam Pipe; Steam Trap Types; Sizing Steam Traps; Calculating Flash Steam; Sizing Condensate Pipework; Designing a Steam System; and Practical Tips for Steam Heat Exchange Applications.

The Steam Site Guide takes users from first principles, and makes extensive use of tables, graphics and graphs to aid easy assimilation of the information provided. It also provides actual worked examples: in estimating steam loads, for instance; in the sizing of steam traps; in calculating Flash Steam – a working out complemented by a flash steam chart; in the sizing of condensate pipework; and in the overall design of steam systems.

Greg Sutcliffe, Burkert’s Global Segment Manager for Steam, says: “Our idea behind launching this guide is first and foremost to make steam systems safer. Education is the key to improved system safety, and having a guide that is convenient and easy to use onsite goes a long way to achieving this objective. Our secondary goal with the Guide is to help users to improve the design and efficiency of their steam systems in order to reduce costs.

“We think that the timing of the launch of a Steam Site Guide is opportune. The global market for steam engineering and management products is growing in concert with ever more demanding hygiene standards in food, pharmaceuticals, bio-technology and medical sectors.

“With the combination of our graduated courses on Steam engineering and management and the Steam Guide, we intend to educate process engineers in all aspects of steam and condensate systems, equipping them with the key knowledge to specify and integrate steam products and systems into their respective industries.”

For free copies of Burkert's Steam Site Guide, and for information on Burkert’s Steam Training Courses, please email , or follow the link to download the Steam Site Guide (940kB PDF).

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