ParkerStore retail network opens 2000th store location

27 September 2012

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ParkerStore retail network opens 2000th store locationParker Hannifin Corporation is opening its 2000th ParkerStore in October this year. Nearly 20 years after its introduction, ParkerStore will celebrate a significant milestone in its global growth with the opening of the new store, situated near Lyon, France. The ParkerStore was introduced as an Industrial Retail concept that would serve as an environment for the immediate and direct sale of industrial products through an approved, service-based platform. Working with Parker’s global distribution partners, Parker designed the ParkerStore concept to reach the walk-in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) or ‘industrial retail’ marketplace that had largely been ignored by competitors.

When the ParkerStore concept was developed, trade counters were the norm in the industrial space. Combining the trade counter and retail models, ParkerStores would allow customers to order custom, while-you-wait hydraulic hose assemblies while shopping for complementary products typically also required, such as couplings, filters, lubricants, oil, tooling and safety equipment.

The ParkerStore environment was a new concept designed to bring the warehouse out to the showroom. ParkerStore also provided immediate access to critical components, which would have a big impact on a business’s bottom line by helping to reduce the money and time lost due to equipment downtime.

Brad Fischer, Director of Global Retail Operations, says: “Parker’s industrial retail strategy has realised significant worldwide growth since the first ParkerStore opening in 1993, as the ParkerStore concept presents a complete business plan for distributors who are interested in operating a retail location. With 2000 ParkerStores today, our distributors support local customers and boost MRO sales by displaying their full Parker offering with a professional shopping experience.”

It took 15 years to get to 1000 store locations, but with the model proving its value to the channel, growth accelerated to double that number in less than four years in the midst of a turbulent economy. And, while many of the early stores were physically connected to a distributor’s location, many of the new stores being opened are completely stand-alone.

The 2000th ParkerStore is located in Chassieu, France, a suburb of Lyon. It opens in October 2012, with approximately 1600 square feet of retail space dedicated to Parker products, including hydraulic components and pumps, hydraulic filters, connectors, pneumatics, compressed air treatment and more. This is the 12th ParkerStore that Patrick Martin, CEO and owner of industrial supply company MABEO, has opened in the last 14 years. To find out more, visit

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