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12 October 2012

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The new D-SNAP technology handbook available from FDB Panel Fittings illustrates how this fixing and assembly system for the sheet metal and panel building industries can save time and money without using tools for construction of enclosures and mounting of hardware such as handles, hinges, etc.

Snap technology provides an alternative to traditional fastening methods. It is currently used in the assembly process of industrial enclosures and has the potential for use in many other areas; for example, household appliances, industrial machinery, HVAC equipment, automotive and furniture industries. Fasteners that incorporate snap technology can be manufactured easily, and are very secure and economical. They also offer a high load-bearing ability. Snap technology offers many advantages when compared with traditional fastening techniques. For high-volume production it is possible to incorporate snap technology into products for blind assembly, and then to integrate the products into an automated assembly process using robots.

Because it can be installed as a single piece, the snap fastener offers advantages for the user. The main advantages are time and money savings in the assembly of enclosures and switch cabinets. In addition, when the need for the costly storage of panel parts is eliminated, the overall manufacturing process speeds up. Also, storage outlay for fasteners used in process is noticeably lower, since the snap fasteners are delivered as pre-assembled components and are immediately ready for installation. Over and above this, the user profits from the superior functionality afforded by a system where no parts can get lost after installation.

Combining snap fasteners with functional components such as locks, hinges, handles etc., plus the special design of the snap fastener, itself creates a much larger range of applications that can go beyond just the joining of panels.

Free copies of the D-SNAP technology handbook may be obtained from FDB Panel Fittings by contacting them at The latest information and news can be found on the FDB blog –

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