SKF ConRo reduces CO2 emissions related to steel production

02 November 2012

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SKF ConRo reduces CO2 emissions related to steel productionSKF has announced that SKF ConRo roll line unit, a BeyondZero Portfolio product, reduces an estimated average of 1.5 tonnes CO2 per roll line per year. In a normal-sized continuous steel casting machine with 400 roll lines, this means an annual CO2 reduction of approximately 600 tonnes.

Franco Cotti, Manager, SKF Focused Industries, Metal, says: “At SKF, we are dedicated to providing energy efficient solutions for the steel industry, which is one of the most energy intensive industries. In addition to the energy savings, we have developed a concept for refurbishing the roll line units which reduces the negative environmental impact associated with metals manufacturing, as well as end-of-life disposal and recycling of roll line components.”

SKF ConRo roll line units can increase reliability and productivity of continuous casting machines, and help customers reduce their negative environmental impact.

Unlike conventional roll line units, ConRo rolls are re-lubrication free; this eliminates grease consumption, which translates to significant customer cost savings. Plus, the robust design of ConRo extends roll line unit service life by 25 per cent or more. Together, customers can expect up to 50 per cent lesser total operating cost per roll line unit.

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