BS EN 82079-1:2012, Preparation of instructions for use

14 November 2012

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BSI has published BS EN 82079-1:2012, Preparation of instructions for use. Structuring, content and presentation - Part 1: general principles and detailed requirements. This will be of interest to machine builders, as it is essential that instructions are supplied at the same time as machines or partly-completed machines.

This new standard gives comprehensive and generic compliance criteria for anyone who has the task of commissioning or preparing instructions for use, whether in technical manuals or in digital files, or as labels on products or packaging.

The standard's scope covers instructions to accompany any commercial equipment, consumer product or software. Completely revised from the previous standard in this field (BS EN 62079:2001), BS EN 82079-1:2012 takes into account developments in product safety compliance and liability, the availability of new media and web-based instruction systems - as well as the increasing expectations of use of many consumer products by elderly or disabled adults and/or children. Major innovations include more quantitative performance criteria and the specification of documentary evidence required to support claims of compliance with standards.

BS EN 82079-1:2012, which is equivalent to IEC 82079-1:2012, was published on 31 October 2012 and is available from BSI as a hard copy or PDF for £190 (or £95 for members of BSI).

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