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14 November 2012

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The UK Industrial Vision Association (UKIVA) is delighted to welcome Julian Parfitt, Managing Director (UK) of FRAMOS Electronics Ltd, onto its management committee. Julian has a wealth of experience in the image processing field, and complements the current committee structure.

Julian has been in charge of the UK operation of Framos since 2003 and is also responsible for the Framos GmbH Group international business development in the Asia Pacific region. Prior to joining Framos, he gained many years’ experience in the CCD sensor and LCD display technology sectors in senior management positions within Sony Semiconductors, Hitachi Electronics and Toshiba.

UKIVA Chairman, Mark Williamson (Stemmer Imaging) welcomed Julian by saying: “Julian joins myself, Ian Alderton (Alrad Imaging), Julie Busby (Multipix Imaging), Paul Wilson (Scorpion Vision) and Dr John Haddon (Panther Vision) on the committee at an exciting time for the UK Vision industry. The committee’s role is to steer the Association along the path that will benefit manufacturers, vision component suppliers, system integrators and end users alike. Vision is becoming a commodity item not only in the manufacturing sector, where it is an intrinsic part of automation, quality control and process efficiency, but also in a host of other industries.

“In the current climate of rapid technological progress, the capabilities and range of applications for vision-based equipment are increasing at an incredible pace. Julian joins a strong group of the leading players in the UK vision industry to help the Association become even stronger and continue its objective of promoting and growing the use of vision.”

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UKIVA (UK Industrial Vision Association)visit website
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