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30 November 2012

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Free optical data calculation App from Stemmer ImagingOEMs, systems integrators and anyone using a machine vision system will need to make fundamental calculations to aid with the specification of the best lens and camera for the particular application. Stemmer Imaging has produced LensSensor, the first in a series of free Apps for the i-Phone, which allows a number of key parameters to be quickly and easily calculated. LensSensor can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore.

LensSensor includes a flexible lens calculator that defines the required geometry, focal length or visual angle of a lens, together with a useful optical diagram that shows the relationships between object and image heights, distances from the lens and the focal length of the lens. A resolution calculator provides the real-world resolution that can be achieved with a particular sensor, along with the sensor pixel size, which in turn allows a lens to be chosen with the required resolution for the application.

The most compatible interface for the application can be identified using the data rate calculator and interface look-up. This provides information on data transfer rates and the typical cable length supported for all of the major data interfaces for machine vision including CameraLink, GigE Vision and the most recently introduced CameraLink HS, CoaXPress and USB3.

A comprehensive help facility is included to show exactly how to use the App. In addition, a link to the Stemmer Imaging website is provided so that individual products that meet the calculated specifications can be identified.

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