SKIDATA presents Supplier Performance Award to Kontron

21 March 2013

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Kontron has received the SKIDATA Supplier Performance Award. The award is being presented by SKIDATA for the first time and is in recognition of a vendor’s continuing high quality in products and service as well as in product availability.

With its average Vendor Performance Rating of 99.98 per cent, Kontron achieved the best marks in the SKIDATA suppliers’ ranking 2012 and was thus easily classified as an A supplier, a title which SKIDATA awards to suppliers with Vendor Performance Quality ratings of over 94 per cent. Since 2006, the fabless company SKIDATA has been purchasing paying machines for parking tickets. Not only are these assembled at Kontron, but the embedded computer technology is also designed by Kontron.

Hugo Rohner, CEO SKIDATA AG states: “A Vendor Performance Rating of 99.98 per cent is witness to excellent product and service quality as well as to top product availability. It is with great pleasure that we present our Supplier Performance Award to Kontron. It has proved extremely advantageous that Kontron also takes care of the embedded computer design. That means that the hardware development of the embedded system as well as the assembly of the whole payment machine is sourced from one single supplier which streamlines the overall system responsibility.”

Norbert Hauser, Executive Vice President Marketing at Kontron says: “The interaction of both development and manufacturing competences which we provide means that system responsibility is a clear cut thing, as so few interfaces are involved. It is this that makes our Original Design and Manufacturing Services a guarantee for high product quality even during ongoing production. Thanks to years of experience, our logistics system in Augsburg is perfectly tuned in to the demands of our customers and ensures for SKIDATA – even when end-user demands fluctuate – a constant high level of reliability in delivery.”

Kontron offers manufacturers of customer terminals, kiosk systems and further complex systems with embedded computer technology so-called ODM Services (Original Design and Manufacturing Services). The services range from the development of embedded computing intelligence to the assembly of systems right up to management of the whole supply chain – even including shipment directly to the customer’s customer and execution of lifecycle support. OEM customers, like SKIDATA, can position themselves in the market without having their own production. The advantages of fabless manufacturing are low investment costs and with that low capital commitment in production facilities; capital which is saved here can be invested elsewhere – i.e. for the accelerated development of innovations and for market penetration.

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