Machinery remote diagnostic service uses the cloud

08 April 2013

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Machinery remote diagnostic service uses the cloudSince the SKF cloud was launched in November 2012, the global network of SKF Remote Diagnostic Centres has been connected, bringing together global IT systems and making all application data accessible in a single cloud-based system. This collective data reflects a huge breadth of knowledge and experience in diagnosing and solving customer machinery maintenance issues in applications across all major industries worldwide. SKF Asset Diagnostic Services can now leverage and share this knowledge and, at any time of day, SKF service engineers – located in different time zones around the world – are available to provide support and respond to problems identified by their remote diagnostics systems.

Erwin Weis, Global Manager – SKF Asset Diagnostic Services, says: "The new cloud-based solution allows us to monitor and diagnose not hundreds of thousands, but millions of machines. We already have half a million machines in the cloud. This shared knowledge helps us better serve our customers. In addition, our cloud-based software and services give our customers 24/7 access to an easy-to-understand diagnostics dashboard and regular reporting. And of course direct access to our knowledge network to collaborate with SKF machine health experts around the globe, day or night. In this way we can help our customer to increase machine availability while decreasing maintenance costs."

SKF says its Asset Diagnostic Services are particularly suitable for applications in wind, marine, mining, paper and metal industries, and all other major industries where condition monitoring is used. Part of this offer includes Software as a Service (SaaS), which enables customers to use the SKF cloud to host the data from their condition-based maintenance programme, reducing the cost of ownership and maintenance of expensive IT infrastructure. Diagnostic expertise can be requested if necessary.

Knowledge as a Service (KaaS), where the SKF cloud and SKF Remote Diagnostic Centre network are used to establish or further improve a condition-based maintenance program through partnering with SKF, offers further benefits. To find out more go to

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