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28 May 2013

UKIVA (UK Industrial Vision Association)visit website


The Spring 2013 issue of the UK Industrial Vision Association’s ‘Vision in Action’ newsletter is now available for download. This issue concentrates on some of the more ‘traditional’ applications of industrial vision for quality control in the manufacturing industries.

Many of the application stories covered come from the food and beverage sectors. These range from the inspection of the crosses on hot cross buns to checking chocolate bars for uniformity. In the packaging industry there are articles on the high-speed inspection of 60um laser-machined holes in film used in food packaging and remote monitoring of an unmanned palletiser at the end of a beer canning line.

Also featured are the automotive and electronics manufacturing industries. Automated inspection of spigot assemblies is being used by a leading automotive parts manufacturer, while 25Mpixel cameras have been incorporated into automated solder paste inspection equipment for the electronics industry.

The newsletter also features a full members directory, news supplied by members, new product information, and a selection of ‘technical tips’ offered by members. ‘Vision in Action’ is published twice a year. Follow the link to download the Spring 2013 UKIVA newsletter.

UKIVA (UK Industrial Vision Association)visit website
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