New interface options for Sony FCB SD and HD cameras

31 May 2013

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Smaller OEMs and system integrators needing high-performance interfaces for Sony block cameras will benefit from a new agreement between Stemmer Imaging and Aivion, a video interface specialist. Aivion has built a worldwide reputation for interfaces that take the native camera information and transform it into data that can be readily accepted through industry-standard interfaces.

The latest series of Sony FCB SD and HD cameras offers more features than previous versions, making them appropriate for a wider range of markets and applications. The introduction of progressive scan sensors and digital interfaces means that higher quality images are available.

Native FCB camera digital output is useful for large OEMs, as they have the resources and the volume requirements to warrant investment in a dedicated external interface for their ultimate product. However, Stemmer Imaging can now provide an interface for smaller OEMs and system integrators.

Aivion's products range from simple breakout boards, through single, dual and optical HDSDI to USB2.0 and USB3.0 systems. While there is a range of standard products on offer, customisation is also offered to ensure that the ultimate product matches customer needs. Aivion says it will continue to track the Sony FCB product roadmap closely and will offer interfaces that are suitable for the latest series of cameras, including 1080p/50 models that will require solutions such as 3G HDSDI.

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