Stemmer Imaging YouTube channel shows imaging in action

07 June 2013

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Stemmer Imaging YouTube channel shows imaging in action A wide range of imaging and machine vision application, product and training videos can be found on Stemmer Imaging’s YouTube channel, tv@imaging. Over 80 videos are currently available and at least one new video is posted each month at

The videos on Stemmer Imaging’s YouTube channel are conveniently classified in playlists to help visitors to find the appropriate videos quickly and easily. Playlist categories include ‘Applications and demos’, ‘Products’, ‘Company’ and ‘European Imaging Academy’, together with a ‘We recommend’ section which features interesting videos from Stemmer Imaging partners.

A highly popular category, the ‘Applications and demos’ shows vision systems in action on real applications in a host of industries. These range from the identification and classification of bread rolls to how imaging is used to read vehicle licence plates, measure the type of vehicle flow and control parking lots.

Another important category is the ‘European Imaging Academy’ playlist is. This features specially prepared training videos of up to 10 minutes duration on a wide variety of machine vision subjects. These simple-to-follow videos provide step-by-step guidance on topics such as how to connect a GigE camera to a PC, how to perform a flat field correction with line scan cameras or how to program with Stemmer Imaging’s Common Vision Blox machine vision software platform.

In addition to the videos on the YouTube channel, all videos can also be found on the Stemmer Imaging website under the ‘Support’ tab (

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