Parker hosts seminars on raising performance and reducing risk

15 July 2013

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Parker hosts seminars on raising performance and reducing riskAn educational resource focused on raising the performance and reducing the risk of small-bore tubing systems will be on site at Offshore Europe 2013. The educational centre is part of one of the most recognisable booths at this regular exhibition: the mobile demonstration centre run by the instrumentation products division of Parker Hannifin.

This year, Parker will be hosting mini training sessions, with experts providing no-cost tuition on the best practice installation of small bore tubing systems using industry-standard two-ferrule tube connections, and another version of the training for medium and high-pressure connections up to 150,000 PSI. These seminars will be complemented by many other useful educational presentations from Parker experts. Topical presentations throughout the show include materials selection for corrosion resistance, achieving close-coupling of instruments to piping connections, and improving integrity and reducing potential leak paths by eliminating threaded connections.

Parker Hannifin’s Charles Harris syas: “Process instrumentation connections have evolved over a hundred years, and inevitably, connection and valve techniques are steeped in tradition. There’s enormous scope for rethinking how things are done to provide more reliable systems and improve performance. Our mobile presentation centre gives us the means to give practical introductions on such innovations to instrumentation and piping engineers.”

Parker’s trailer will also feature a comprehensive selection of instrumentation valves, manifolds and tube fittings. Many of these are displayed in a real-world format using a long process pipeline equipped with the spectrum of common plant instrumentation, but interfaced using components based on next-generation principles.

Please follow the link for more information about Paker Hannifin at Offshore Europe 2013.

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