ERIKS offers free energy efficiency white paper

05 August 2013

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ERIKS is releasing a new white paper on energy efficiency that will help its customers to tackle the challenge of driving change in the workplace and beyond. The white paper was premiered at Innovation Excellence, the annual ERIKS UK conference dedicated to ensuring that its customers’ processes are productive and efficient, which was held at Telford International Centre on 21st May 2013.

Two viewpoints are presented on the subject of energy efficiency; one provided by an expert commentator from within ERIKS and a second from an independent academic observer. The paper looks not only at everyday questions of energy efficiency in the engineering industry but also looks at the bigger picture. The paper begins: “The problem lies not just with machines but with people. When a message is repeated there’s a danger that we no longer hear it anymore. There’s also a danger that we don’t go far enough to maximise energy efficiency because we believe we’ve already done all we can.”

The white paper sets out to challenge those assumptions and refresh the message about energy efficiency. It also explains how ERIKS can help environmental managers to drive change from the roots to achieve a comprehensive, company-wide effect and alter the attitudes of the workforce in all aspects of their lives.

ERIKS is increasingly in demand as not only a manufacturer and supplier but also as a solutions provider. The release of the white paper is part of ERIKS’ on-going efforts to support its customers by providing innovative responses to increasingly important business issues. The free ERIKS white paper on energy efficiency can be downloaded at

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