iglidur bearing material is tested for durability

25 July 2013

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iglidur bearing material is tested for durabilityigus is promoting its bearing lifetime calculator that can be used to predict the life of polymer bearings and assist engineers in selecting the correct type and grade. The company manufactures a comprehensive range of plain bearings, linear bearings and rod end bearings that are proven to last millions of cycles, even in arduous environments, enabling engineers to increase the reliability of their equipment and processes.

Some of the most common reasons for bearing failure are improper lubrication, fatigue, corrosion, foreign matter and high temperatures. iglidur bearings are available in a variety of tribo-plastic materials that are lubricant and therefore maintenance free. Each bearing type is tested extensively in a variety of applications and environments that ensure the capacity of its capabilities.

Improper bearing lubrication can cause overheating and wear; however, igus bearings have very low coefficients of friction. High speeds and overloading also causes bearing failure. igus plastic bearings do not suffer with corrosion and some are resistant to chemicals and other agents. In addition, because igus bearings are lubricant free and dry running they do not attract dirt and debris, a common problem for metal bearings that need regular greasing.

Choosing the right bearing for the application will ensure reliability and durability of equipment, and igus has a bearing lifetime calculator tool on its website to help engineers. Simply input the application requirements into the lifetime calculator and the correct bearing will be selected.

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