Omron’s 361 degree approach to sensors and components

29 November 2013

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Omron’s 361 degree approach to sensors and componentsOmron is launching its 361 degree Approach to sensors and components as part of its continued focus on customer needs. The company says it recognises that reliability, together with a choice of performance levels to suit different applications, are vital when choosing the right sensor or component. In addition, customers may also require advanced functionality with special features, but with competitive pricing. Often this can add up to a wish-list which, in the past, has been difficult to fulfil. But not any longer.

Omron has invested in a new 361 degree Approach to not only provide a complete all-round product offering for its control and switching components and sensors, but to also put customers at the very centre of the product selection process. According to Omron, "This approach leads to the perfect product match, with that extra degree of confidence that you get when choosing an Omron product or solution."

Within the 361 degree Approach, Omron is offering three distinct lines for each sensor or component product category: LITE, PRO and PROplus.

LITE sensors and components

When it comes to the manufacturing and choice of materials for its components and sensors, Omron says it is committed to maintaining the highest standards. And this translates into one big advantage for customers: reliability, even in the cost-effective LITE range.

LITE products are best suited to applications in standard industrial environments where conditions such as temperature, vibration, shock and humidity are within the normal ranges. All LITE products also offer a broad selection of options to provide the best fit for the application.

PRO sensors and components

For applications requiring extra performance from sensors and components, the Omron PRO range is recommended. Not only do PRO product ranges give engineers a wide choice of features and performance levels, they also give an extended mix of models in case (or when) the application changes or evolves. All of Omron's PRO products are available globally and provide specifications beyond the industrial standard.

PROplus sensors and components

If an application is complex or special requirements need to be addressed, then PROplus products can provide the answer. This is because PROplus products have been designed with specific applications and environmental factors in mind, offering a range of components and sensors with specialist and advanced features already built-in. For example, transparent material sensors, power supply redundancy models, hermetically sealed relays, hygienic stainless steel sensors, and many more.

All three lines are backed by the Omron commitment to quality, so even when machine builders need price-competitive products, they can be confident that the product will be reliable. The 361 degree Approach ensures that engineers can quickly and easily identify the optimum product to meet the application's requirements with respect to both performance and cost.

Why an extra 1 degree?

Omron states: "The extra degree in the 361 degree Approach is what you get when you do choose Omron, and can mean different things to different customers, depending on their needs. For example, if you need specification advice, the extra degree can mean 'service'. But ultimately, to everyone it means 'an extra degree of confidence in the perfect match'."

Follow the link for more information about the LITE, PRO and PROplus sensors and components that fall within the scope of the Omron 361 degree Approach.

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